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Private Podcast 

Episode 1

Elevate 30 | Mindset and discipline | ft Luca and Waqar Asim

In our first episode of this new podcast series we discussed in depth some fundementals regarding trade psychology, the art of meditation and mastering your mind to elevate yourself beyond the average person. Covering how certain seeming "extremes" such as fasting, two workouts per day and cold showers can have an accumilative effect on your mindset, discipline and motivation so you approach the charts or any aspect of life in a hightened state.

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The private podcast is a free podcast, exclusively available to only those who subscribe above.

The aim of the podcast is to be a holistic service, not pertaining purely to trading, but also philosophies of life, success and happiness.

The essence of the podcast will however remain with a trading emphasis, with my insights into the markets and how I've found my success. Discussing technicals, psychology and my markets beliefs. I will also be bringing on guests from the trading world in the future.

I hope you all find value in what I have to share; an exciting journey awaits.

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My name is Waqar Asim, I'm from London but I spend most of the year out in Madrid, soon to be Dr Asim. Over the past few months as I started to give out immense value and market insights online, free of charge with nothing asked for in return, I started to grow a community of traders who really resonated and appreciated the content I created.

After showcasing my style and skills, giving out thousands of pips month after month, curiosity grew and people were intrigued by my very non-traditional, non-retail trading methods in addition to my beliefs on market psychology. I received an overwhelming response from people looking to elevate and learn more.


So here I am, to serve and help others and really disrupt the industry away from the fake Instagram "gurus" and cash flexing signal services. There are too many honest, hardworking people losing money to frauds in the industry and I want to be a beacon for those losing hope, because trading really is a beautiful thing. 

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